About READY 24h Security Inc.

Company Intro

Local Security Contract Company in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles

Ready 24h Security Services is a local security contract company in Los Angeles, CA.

Our corporate headquarters is within the LA area, allowing our owner and top-level managers to be immediately available to address concerns and resolve problems as they occur. We are innovative and aggressive in our attempts to obtain the goals we have defined, and are always seeking further knowledge and challenges. We strive for absolute professionalism in everything we do and want to show every client the necessary options for their security needs. Understanding exactly what is required is our specialty, and stationing our best-quilitied officers to fit your individual needs is our goal.

It is an often quoted at Ready 24h Security that the fundamental key to our business success is our effective and creative management. Through policies and procedures, staff managers must have the ability to lead and formulate a company environment where each employee’s internal motivation can flourish. Management understands that in order to provide total quality service to you, we must provide total quality support to our employees.

Ready 24h Security enjoys an excellent reputation throughout the metropolitan Los Angeles area. Ready 24h Security services, some of Los Angeles’ most prestigious firms. We are very proud of all our clients and will be delighted and proud to add you to that list.

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    Ready 24h Security is a team, with every person in the company a player who is expected and needed to perform to their fullest capacity. Ready 24h Security's objective is to make a fair profit, achieve sales and budgeting goals, while at the same time, remaining committed to quality service and strengthening the connection between its employees and clients.


    Ready 24h Security turns now to the future, it is more important tan ever that commitment to quality remain alive in every manager for all employees to observe and learn from. An honest, open communication between both clients, company, employees, and management is an essential part of this philosophy and is encouraged and practiced by everyone.


    Ready 24h Security routinely provides its clients with security awareness bulletins and other information that might be needed to make informed security decisions. Our top-level executives and managers lecture on security issues at meetings setup with client personnel.

Serving clients across Lancaster, Palmdale, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Anaheim, Irvine, and all over California.